The Arches

Two prominent structural icons on campus are the pair of arches that grace the pedestrian walkway between the Hauser Building and the Student Success Center at Hill Hall. The arches were erected in the 1930s, but took on a deeper significance when the Class of 1936 added placards in honor of Simon Green Atkins’ wife Oleona Pegram Atkins who played a pivotal role in the history of the university.

Each year at the end Ramdition, the weeklong freshman orientation, first-year students participate in the “Through the Archway” rite of passage ceremony. “Through the Archway” is a processional that is led by university officials, faculty, staff, student government representatives, and Legacy Leaders. Freshmen walk ceremonially through the arches to celebrate their transformation from “lambs” to “Rams.” The pathways near the arches are lined with generations of university alumni who come out to show their support of the first-year students’ academic journeys.